Refresher driving lessons!


Refresher driving lesson is for who passed the driving test long time ago and haven’t driven since and may forget some basics of driving skills or lost the confidence or you need to learn more about driving rules or you need to refresh highway codes ,but don’t worry you are at the right address amile2smile driving school.

First of all we will assess your driving ability and your existing knowledge by first lesson to identify your strengths and weaknesses by various  roads and different speed limits to see what is your driving is like and where to improve.

After your assessment lesson we will make a suggestion based on your driving like how many hours training  will be good  for you to get back on track.

Depending on your driving skills every thing has to be refreshed in order for you to drive again safely like:

keeping your lane and distance from the car in front,

recognising the appropriate speed signs and markings for junctions and roundabouts often slow enough for to go safely and progressively ,

dual carriageway driving, national speed limits etc .

When we are doing a refresher driving lessons we have a duty to consolidate every driving and observation skills.

Price for the refresher driving lessons are same as normal driving lessons makes your driving lessons affordable .

If you want to get back onto track call us.

Please note we are the actual driving school not the commissioners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call us to make you smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!