Winter advice


Winter advice

February 3, 2018 Manin Menu 0

Through out the winter you will find the road conditions changes such as foggy condition,wet road causes less grip on the road directly affects the braking and stopping distance.

So when you driving in those conditions you will have to pay more attention for forward planning and may have to reduce your speed by the condition of the road .

Remember you have to drive by the condition of the road but not to speed limit,which means you can driveĀ  slower than speed limit to establish the safety but not too slow either to slow down the traffic too much.

Make sure your tyres have sufficient tread and pressure to get better grip on the road.

Your windows are clean including windscreen .

Your head lights and signals are working in order.

Plan your journey in plenty of time in order to avoid driving harsh which is unsafe.

Wear your seat belt including every passenger in the car.

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