Automatic driving lessons


A mile 2 smile driving school is fully prepared for you to achieve your goal ,

automatic driving lessons are usually easy to do,we will give you every aspect driving like observations skills ,lane discipline,progressing skills,reading road signs and markings,roundabouts,manoeuvres,new changes,satellite navigation’s ,independent driving so let’s just explain those:

Lane discipline requires the candidate be able to assess the situations and position the car appropriately to match condition of the road and it is not one basic can be applied for every type of road because roads are varies which means lane can be narrow or wide .

Our cars are well prepared for all training’s which modified in a way that you will be able to keep the car appropriately and correctly in your lane ,remember this is a requirements of your driving test.

Observation is another must do of your driving test typically mirror checks etc.

When we teaching how to drive we will give you every essentials of driving driving so your observations varies time to time as again we will be explaining specifically those.

Progress means the candidate is able to drive by condition of road and up to speed limit but if the road condition do not allow you to drive speed limit so you have to drive safe speed that won’t cause any hazard.

Over all driving an automatic car is easy ,short time requiring .

If you would like to start driving give us a call to make yourself smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1