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amile2smile learners are 80% more likely to pass the test first time.

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Driving Test A mile 2 smile driving school can help you if you can not attend your driving test for any reason LEARN MORE

Intensive Driving Courses(crash course)

This driving lesson pattern is ideal for who’s driving test is round the corner . LEARN MORE

Pass Plus

(motorway lessons) Pass plus scheme is designed for who passed their driving test recently and want improve driving skills and understand motorway rules and regulations LEARN MORE

Our Commitment

A mile 2 smile is offering you the highest standards of driving lessons at affordable rates LEARN MORE
Why a mile 2 smile driving school?

With our driving lesson pattern you will be achieving what you meant to have which known as test ready driving skills.

%99 our customers well satisfied by the first driving lessons GET STARTED NOW

Automatic and manual driving lessons

Any how you want to achieve your goal a mile 2 smile driving school is by your side,providing automatic and manual driving lessons in your area .

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How do we do it?

Your initial driving lesson will contain all the relevant informations necessary,mainly explaining  basics and rules to be applied as you develop more and more you will be keep going up the stages.

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What Our Clients Say

As we started very first lesson our clients asks immediately when is our next lesson

Reason 1:

you will be taught every aspect of driving without missing a single details.
Anna Johnson

Reason 2: There is no  unexplained  subjects or unanswered questions.

Eric Black

Reason 3:

Progress they have done at each lesson and become more familiar with driving.
John Collins

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Our Awesome Team

Which is “only fully qulified driving instructors” who has knowledge about teach how to drive by fully competent lesson structure.



A.D.I means driving instructor is fully qualified,green badge holder

25 to 40 hours driving lesson manual

Test ready

15 to 25 hours automaticdriving lesson

Test ready

6 to 8 hours for retake driving test

Rectifying driving faults

New driving test explained.

New driving test contains 4 new element which is: 1.You may be directed by satellite navigation for 20 minutes, 2.You may be asked by examiner to drive into bay and reverse out . 3.You may be asked to pull up on the right and reverse two car lenght’s. 4.Show me questions to be done on the move.

New driving test !

New driving test have few changes : 1.You may be directed by satellite navigation for 20 minutes or road signs. 2.Show me questions to be done while driving. 3.You may[…]

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February 3, 2018 0

Winter advice

Through out the winter you will find the road conditions changes such as foggy condition,wet road causes less grip on the road directly affects the braking and stopping distance. So[…]

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February 3, 2018 0

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A mile 2 smile will be working hard for you to get your driving license,help is on your side.